​Nancy Witherell Art ​Assembles One of Largest Collections of Sonoma County Art

for new $284 million Sutter Medical Center in Santa Rosa, California

​Nancy Witherell Art (NWA) has assembled what is considered one of the the largest collections of Sonoma County art anywhere as part of the new $284 million state-of-the-art Sutter Medical Center in Santa Rosa, California. NWA, a healthcare arts curatorial consultancy, has been selected to design, plan and install all public art for the new development.

The hospital, a 182,300-square-foot replacement facility, is expected to open in October 2014 and replaces the original Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa, built in 1938. NWA was selected in 2013 to consult with Sutter and their lead architect HGA Architects and Engineers to curate all permanently installed art for the hospital, including the attached medical office building. In doing so NWA, working entirely with local and regional Santa Rosa artists, has created one of the the largest collections of Sonoma County art assembled anywhere.

Artist credit: Martha Wade

The art, chosen for its suitability in helping Sutter Medical Center maintain and promote its patient-centered healthcare, was carefully selected by Nancy Witherell, a leading healthcare arts consultant, who teamed with hospital administration and staff for the project.

The challenges of curating a comprehensive suite of all-encompassing art were many, but we have successfully been able to draw from our local and regional art community to install appropriate works for the myriad spaces in the new building. For example, lobby spaces and waiting rooms were outfitted with the expansive landscape interpretations of Sonoma County from various artists while in Labor and Delivery laboring Moms needed beautiful “art” targets to focus on, the beautiful meditation room was designed with a glass focal point. Of major import to the hospital, the community and its employees was retaining the spirit of the Community hospital which was being replaced, its history and heart. This was accomplished by three commissioned pieces spearheaded by the Sutter administration and employees including a stunning WPA-style historic mural depicting the time-honored traditions of the teaching hospital. Working with the great artists of the area, we installed hundreds of pieces of art on time and on budget.”

A total of 361 pieces were installed, representing the work of 29 local artists representing eight Sonoma County communities. Twenty-eight of these pieces are original art, 14 pieces are original commissions, and cover 11 modalities featured in the facilities.

According to Sutter, the hospital has been “designed to offer the best experience for its patients… [with] ample space for visitors, and warm, calming tones throughout the hospital.”

About Nancy Witherell Art
Nancy Witherell is a leading art consultant, with an extensive background in art, culture, media, and healthcare. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area community of Santa Rosa, Nancy draws inspiration from the beauty of the vineyards, rolling hills, sparkling water, and colorful fields of Sonoma County — a palette from which to successfully implement an art placement plan for healthcare facilities of all sizes. Nancy is best known for her work with Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital, where she created one of the largest collections of Sonoma County art anywhere. For more information, visit www.nancywitherellart.com or follow us on Facebook.

  • August 15, 2018

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